My friend has no drivers license and is attempting to fulfill his probation requirements by meeting with his Probation Officer every Wednesday morning. This is 22 miles away and I drive him there each week. He received a second violation for Malicious Phone Use when he threatened his ex-girlfriends new boyfriend about putting his hands on his two year old daughter. He was sentenced for that this past Monday and the new Probation Officer for that case is requiring him to meet with her each Thursday morning in addition to submitting breathilizer tests three times a week. Those tests take place 7 miles from his home. Twice a week he is to attend Alcoholics Anonymous meetings that are 14 miles away because apparently the alcohol card came into play due to them going back to a prior charge from many, many years ago. On top of all of that he is to attend a meeting about Aggressive Behavior that is almost 30 miles away.

He said "There is no way I can get transportation to make half of these appointments." The only thing I could think of for him to do is arrive at the court house Wednesday morning to meet with the one probation officer and literally camp out over night so he can be present for the one the following day. Furthermore while he was serving twenty days as part of his plea in one county he missed a court appointment that was scheduled in another county. When he was released he got arrested for not making the appointment and was given a $2000 bond. How can the court system possibly expect him to be in court while he's incarcerated?