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    Mar 25, 2007, 08:18 PM
    Transfer request
    Hi, my name is christin. In September 06 I got in some legal troble which was actually pretty stupid, I don't know if this matters but ill include it, I was driving my fiancae's extra car with the plates and insurance and all was good, but with in that month or so his doctor had asked me to help him. He was having some problems taking the right amount and I was dosing him a weeks worth at a time of so pysh meds (anti anxiety). I lived about 45 min form him and was on my way home from meeting up to give him some meds. But at the say time my angery jealous sister was reporting a false report about me driving a stolen vechile. (although its not important she did send me threats numerous times to do that and worse but it wasn't stolen and I didn't think I was doiing anything wrong.) anyway trying to may this short. I got pulled over with them and they charged me for 2 counts of analong drugs but if I finsish my macomb county probabtion in MI for 18 mounths all good then it will be erased. This doesn't seem like a problem but the only thing is that my fiancÚ is laid off due to the wonderful MI economy and I am working and going to school full time. We both want to move so he can start over in a new career path and my mother (very ill) is also moving with family in flordia. I only got on I January on probation? So do you know how possible it would be to get transferred to another state for probation? How long it might take? And what I have to do? If any one can help with some advice id really appricate it.
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    Mar 26, 2007, 01:01 AM
    Actually, From My Two Experiences With A Friend And An Uncle. It Is Very Simple To Transfer. A Probation Officer From The Desired Location Will Have To Except It. In Court U Need To Request It. U Can Just Get Ur Lawyer To.
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    Mar 26, 2007, 07:23 AM
    Hello gym:

    This is what I said to someone just the other day:


    Ask your PO to supply you with the WRITTEN policy and procedures manual for his department. In it, you'll find a paragraph about transferring probation. By asking, he'll know that you want to transfer, so he's not going to be surprised when he receives your request. This whole thing is about avoiding surprises.

    Next; don't go yourself, but get a job and a place to live in the other state. Write the probation agency that will be doing your supervision. Introduce yourself. Tell them about your job, and your place to live. Tell them about your crime and how sorry you are. Tell them that you are about to request a transfer, and wanted to give them a heads up.

    Then, make your request in writing to your present PO. Having read the rules, you'll KNOW that you meet the criteria. Therefore, in your application, DON'T ASK!! TELL them that you meet the criteria for transfer according to rule such and such... cite the rule.

    A request formed in that manner will be awfully hard to turn down. If it IS turned down, you've got your ducks all lined up for an appeal.

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    Mar 26, 2007, 10:10 AM
    Thanks for the advice I appricatie it. Do you think I have to have all my fines paid up completely or can I contuine paying in the other state? How about the atternoy is it possible if I have payment arrangements still with him that they will reject my request? Thanks everyone for your help. I don't know much about the law.
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    Mar 26, 2007, 10:24 AM
    Hello again, gym:

    Having your fines paid would certainly HELP your case, but I couldn't say whether not having them paid would STOP you. Again, that answer IS IN the manual that you must get and read.

    Frankly, I don't think your lawyer can help with this matter, because it's not really a courtroom procedure. It's really more of a bureaucratic procedure. He doesn't know probation rules. (Girl, even your PO DOESN'T know the rules.) That's what bureaucrats are - people who rule without knowing the rules. I've given you the best way I know how to deal with a bureaucrat. Do your homework. Don't ask them for favors. TELL them that you meet the criteria of their own rules, and that adherence to the rules is anticipated. Don't leave them any choices.


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