My boyfriend and I have been involved in a long process leading up to his trial, and through all this we have learned that the success rate in Johnson County, Kansas for individuals on probation is ridiculously low. Neither of us have enough money saved up to just up and move to another state, but we definitely don't want to be in this county when he gets out. The problem we're facing is that no one will tell us which of the surrounding counties are in the Johnson County 'call area', which means even if we lived in those counties, he would have to report to Johnson County.

I've tried googling and calling the department of corrections but I have yet to find anything or get a hold of anyone useful.

What I'm looking for is a map of definite boundaries for this area, north east Kansas, so I know where to get my apartment at. I'm getting the apartment for when he gets out, and it extremely helpful if I knew where I should be looking. He's out in only 9 days, so I really don't have any more time to waste.