I am 19 years old. Living in british columbia, canada. Yesterday me and my friend were shoplifting at metrotown mall.. we were being followed around the mall because of our big purses and did not know it until we went into "old navy" where we saw a bunch of bathing suits and flip flops and jammed them into our bags and tried to walk out of the store when we were jumped by 2 undercover detectives. We were read our rights and taken into the back room. They searched our bags and we admitted everything and gave it all back. I had items from another store in my bag as well..
They added up the items, took me and my friend in cuffs to the cop car and read our records.
Because my friend had no record, they let her go. But since I have done this type of thing before, I was taken down to the police department and given a fingerprinting and picture date. As well as a court date.
Now this is where it gets scary and confusing for me...
Last September I was working at "marksworkwearhouse" and stole $3000 from the company. Had a court date, got a (free) lawyer and paid all the money back in full. They dropped the charges once I had repaid the money.
Since this is my second offence what could happen to me? Does the fact that the first time was from my employer make my case seem more severe?. even though charges were never pressed?
Could pushing back my court date help in any way?. maybe push it back for long enough that they will throw it out?. ive heard that could work.
What are the chances I will go to JAIL? I'm so terrified... please somebody help..