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    Nov 17, 2010, 08:39 AM
    Theft under 5000, Canada, Ontario
    My last paycheque (over a thousand dollars) from my past employer was mailed to my previous residence, where the woman living there managed to cash my paycheque "by accident." When she was caught by the bank, she e-mailed me and confessed what she did. I filed a police report but they said that I cannot press charges because she is now agreeing to pay me back.(I've also contacted my past employer who have taken a hands off approach and will not become involved). She now says she will not pay me back in 2 months time. However, in a month and a half I am leaving the country for a year. I am concerned that she will not pay me back in 2 months and I'll be too far to deal with it at that point. Is it possible for me to demand she return it sooner?

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