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    Mar 31, 2007, 04:32 PM
    Theft Over $5000 Over Age of 19
    About 4 months ago my friend and I were caught stealing from our employer, It was caught on camera the one time (the night we got caught) They took that money and put us in rooms and questioned us. The security guy told us we were under arrest but didn't offer for us to speak to a lawyer they told us we needed to write statements and if we didn't then the cops would go hard on us and probably go to jail that night.. so scared out our minds we wrote the statement.. while writing it and we said how much we took.. they said to us there was no possible way we only took that much and they did the figures up and told us what they said we took.. Honestly we didn't that what they said but they said we had to right the amount in our statement so we did (stupid I know) but we didn't know any better because we have never been in trouble before. After all this went on.. the police officer came and searched our lockers we had all the money we took in our wallets, and they took it that night we were charged with theft under.. A few months later we go to court and we weren't on the list to appear.. so the officer called us and we had to go to the station to get a new court date.. and then were arrested when we got there for theft over 5000 between 15-18 thousand because of our letter... and they said they had proof... well I know and my friend know her self that we didn't take that amount so there can't be proof of this.. we've gone to court twice now and we haven't been on the list either time I admit fully to theft under because it's what I took.. but theft over is crazy.. I don't know where this is all coming from.. we have another court date coming up soon for the theft over. We just really would like to have an opinion on this and could we be facing jail time?? :confused:
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    Mar 31, 2007, 04:40 PM
    A serious, high paid best lawyer you can find and afford is what you need right now.

    OK, store security are not police, and normally they don't have to read you any rights and any confession you give to them normally don't all under the Miranda rights in the US ( but I will guess you are in Canada)
    The attorney will go for at least in the US that the security were activing as agents of the police. And what evidence the store has shortages and they have your confession that you stole that much.

    And at this point my guess without a good attorney you will be serving time on this.

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