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    Mar 10, 2007, 07:33 PM
    Theft Over $5000 over the age of 19

    Im stumped. Im sure you get this a lot, people coming on and stating that they are sorry and have changed there ways. Well I am going to say that also. But its true I have relocated myself to an area where I can not get in trouble, where I am working full-time and just being a good community member. I was involved with a theft of a bicycle valued over $5000. I was confronted by a police office off duty who is handling my case, he did not arrest me but advised me to turn myself in in 24hours. Why did he not arrest me? Was he doing the nice thing? Was it because there's nothing he could do? He has an opportunity to have me arrest by a fellow office but didn't as one was driving past, during our talk. He did although make an hand signal to the officer. Now its has been over 3months and I am wondering is there a statut of limitation on this offence since I have not been charged? If so how long would this be?
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    Mar 10, 2007, 10:04 PM
    It depends where you live, I would say they can still prosecute you. He probably didn't arrest you so when you appeared in court your lawyer could argue for a lesser sentence since you turned yourself in. Since you didn't if they arrest you the charges might be worse, do you know if you have a warrant?
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    Mar 11, 2007, 01:32 AM
    Hey fellow Canadian,

    Most likely this matter is behind you, but do NOT take my word on it. Because it is possible it will come back and bite you in the but.

    The officer had NO interest in arresting you because he didn't want to do all that paper work.

    I am assuming you in fact did not steal the bike, in which case I would try to put this past and move on.

    As for the SOLů

    I believe that theft over 5,000 is an indictable offence, meaning there is no SOL.

    If it is only a summary offence, the SOL is 6 months.

    But assuming you did not take the bike (that is the cop stopped you), and you have heard nothing, I will bet the cop has let this go.

    If in 5 months you get called up, you should perhaps consider getting an attorney.

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