In May 2006, I had a merging of accounts at my bank. This deposited about $27,000 into my checking account. I called the bank and the call centre to get this straigtened out and no matter what, they insisted it was mine since all of my information was correct. I paid off a few bills and spent some on myself. The total amount spent by me from the account was about $9,200. Then I was called by the bank and police in February 2007. I found out just last month (March 2007) that someone else had stolen my debit card and stole an additional $5000 even. They admitted to it when questioned. They said I would not be charged with this second amount and I know that the person is being charged separately. What I need to know is what kind of punishment I could be looking at just so I'm somewhat prepared (in case I need to pack up my apartment and store my stuff, in case I go to jail. I just want to be prepared.) They did say that since I told the truth when questioned and didn't spend all the money, and did stop all spending when I realized that the money belonged to someone else, this would help my case. With nothing at all in priors, would it be possible to not necessarily get jail time for this offense or would it be pretty much a guarantee for an amount this large?

I live in Nova Scotia and this is the same province where the ffense occurred.
Thank you for any help you can be, I've never felt so bad or been so scared, this, I know, will ruin all chances of a good job or good credit now.