I have recently received a letter form my past employer who is seeking just over $20 000 for funds that he is claiming I stole. I live in Ontario Canada and am 18 years old. Money was taken on my part but it was around the $5000 mark, either just under or just over. In the letter he is giving me 15 days to repay the amount before he takes legal action. In the letter he has added in thousands of dollars worth of interest on the stolen money as well as accountant fees, which are close to $3000. He has also added in close to $10 000 that I did not take and I have reason to believe that he is just trying to blame it on me since he has some evidence that I had taken money from this store. I am not sure what the stolen money he is claiming is for, some was taken as cash from the till ( for which he may or may not have camera footage), some was transferred directly into my bank account by means of a product return (although I do not believe that he could find out who's account that is without the account holders permission), and I believe that some of the money he is claiming is from missing inventory which I only took small amounts of. What will happen once this goes to court and what kinds of things do I need to know and what kinds of consequences I can expect. If you have any further questions feel free to ask to get clarification.