I was recently let go from my position at work due to refunding money back onto my mastercard. They asked me what the total was and I have been very co-operative and the total came to $358 and change. I have been in contact with them and they said that they would be fine taking out of the money they owe me for my last 2 weeks I worked and vacation pay (which is still 4 weeks late from when I was supposed to receive it)
A client I had there e-mailed them saying how upset she was over the situation but just wanted to remind them that I was very good at what I did and that I was very kind.
They wrote back stating they were upset by the situation also but that criminal charges were going to be laid. They told some random client before I even know? Can they still press charges after being paid back in full? This is a small family owned company and I just can't see it being worth it for them. But how can she tell some random and not even acknowledge me on what's going on. She's doing my sisters wedding and I just can't see how pressing charges is going to work. I know that sounds nieve but I am so upset by my actions.