I asked this wrong the first time!! Then lost my password and couldn't get back into my original question!! Sorry!!

I have a misdemeanor case that was dismissed WITHOUT prejudice by judge for no probable cause. The 'crime' lists a statute of limitations of 2 years. But I'm assuming that is from time of committing crime to time of being arrested or charged. I have already been charged by the police, and came to arraignment and it was dismissed WITHOUT prejudice. So is there a time limit on how long they have to bring this back with possibility of more evidence? I hate having this feeling of next shoe dropping, even though I feel confident I am innocent. (Frankly I think innocent people feel more guilty than guilty people do who are probably used to feeling guilty and can ignore the feeling) The court of jurisdiction lies in Washington the state. In the interest of 'speedy trial' surely it can't be 2 whole years they get to bring this back? Or yes?