Okay guys this is the story of what happened, I live in Maryland, and my friend and I went to the mall, and she decided that it would be a good idea to steal. I wasn't going to go along with it. So she grabbed some clothes that she knew she wanted, I grabbed two jackets that I had every intentions on buying. We went into the dressing room, her to do her thing, me to try the jackets on, she then started ripping off the price tags and putting them into her bags, long story short she asked if I was actually going to buy the jackets and I said I really want both but I only have enough money for one of them. She said just take of the tags and put them into the bag, no one will find out, I said no I know were going to get caught and that I had a bad feeling. She said I was being a wuss and to paranoid, she then took the jackets ripped of the tags and everything and told me to put them into my bag and that everything will be fine that she has done this lots of times and against my better judgement I listened to her. We then walked out of the store with no problem. I told her I wanted to go home and call it a day I felt so guilty and paranoid, but she wanted to go to sears. Another long story short she got caught stealing there (and I was with her so we were both arrested) later in lock-up they found out that I had a car at the mall and my mom was looking for the car so they had to go retrieve and of course search it, I didn't want to tell them that there was stolen merchandise in the car but they wouldve found out anyway and if I would have lied it would've made it worse. So I told the truth and said that two jackets in there I admit to putting in the bag, but the rest wasn't my doing. So now in 2 weeks I have to go to court for the felony charge, (im a first offender) and I guess what I'm trying to ask is, is there any chance I might get off with like probation, or community service, you know anything with out going to jail. Because they didn't catch us at macy's they wouldve actually never known if they didn't find out I had a car there. Im just so stressed and confused and I need some answers to help better my head. And what to do.