Hello all, This is a very stressful situation for me.
I was originally on unsupervised probation from 2001 to 2006. At which time I was released and unable to complete the 1st offenders treatment for full payment of restitution.

Unknown to me the probabtion office had placed a probation violation warrant for me a month before I was due to be released from probation for non-payment. I was picked up on the warrant April 6th sent to jail for 5 days and went before the judge who extended my 1st offenders treatment for 6 more months, released me on ROR, and continued probation unsupervised. Once paid - I am done! And record can be cleared.

However, I contacted the probabtion office the following Monday and was told they would NOT release the original warrant UNTIL I had made the final payment, which leaves me paraniod that if I am pulled over durning this time I will be re-arrested. Is there anything that I can do to get this lifted? This does not seem legal - its like blackmail.