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    May 23, 2007, 07:58 AM
    What's up whoever is reading this. Answer only if you know about probation tranfers.I have a friend who on probation in n.y. and in n.j. he really lives in n.j.. But n.y. thinks he lives at his aunts house in n.y.. See when he was arrested for the charge in n.y.. he had a case already pending in n.j.. He spent a couple of months in jail in n.y.. And was released on probation.he gave probation his aunts address in n.y.. because he was afraid if he gave his n.j.. address they wouldn't have released him from jail. So now he wants to get his n.y. probation switched to n.j.. Where he really lives and is currently on probation.What should he do. He didn't tell either of his probation officers about the situation.but he is based in n.j.. lives in n.j.. works in n.j.. Been living in n.j.for the past 8 years.

    What's up whoever is reading this. I have a friend who is currently on probation in n.j. where he lives.But also he is on probation in n.y.. where he doesn't live.see this is what happened he had a case in in n.j.. pending he was on bail.3 weeks later he caught a charge in n.y.. He was extradited to n.y.. he spent a couple of months in jail and was released on probation he gave his aunts address in n.y.. Because he was afraid he wouldn't have been released from jail if he didn't have a n.y. when he was releaed he went to n.j.. where he lives to face the charges there remember he was on bail they gave him probation also.he hasn't told either of his probation officers.he placed on probation for n.y.. in April 06 and sept 06 in n.j.. but the case for n.j.. Was already pending before he caught the n.y.. charge. He is trying to get n.y.. probation to n.j.. where he lives,works.takes care of his kid. Is currently on child support there.He hired a lawyer in manhattan that specializes in probation violations he said it can be done if I have employment in n.j.. he working on it but I need some online input answer only if you know about probation violations.he wants to tell his probation officerin n.j.. he is cool he said.

    Yo excon what's your input on that situation from n.y. to n.j. transfer

    Yo excon check this out my boy is on probation in n.j.. already he lives in n.j.. but he is not sure if n.y.. would tranfer it to n.j.. bein that he is on probation in n.y.. and gave a n.y.adress already but he hired a manhattan lawyer who specializes in probation violations can he be able to straighten this with my p.o. or the judge that placed me on probation in n.y.. to switch my probation to n.j.. need good advice.
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    May 23, 2007, 08:11 AM
    Yo, Big:

    Was up, dude??

    Right below here is another question just like yours that I answered. But, read it only if you want to know about probation transfers.

    Do I think he can keep his secret from one or the other of the PO's?? Nope.

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    May 23, 2007, 07:01 PM
    Please do keep all of your remarks in the same thread. It makes it impossible to follow if you don't.

    excon, I am sorry I think I lost a couple of your posts in the merging.

    Personally sounds like he is messed up, if he asks for the transfer and has not told NJ about the conviction and probation , then they may violate his NJ probation. If NJ finds out he claims to be living in NY they could violate his probatoin for that also. And if NY finds out he really lives in NJ they can violate him. I don't see a way to fix this one
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    May 24, 2007, 08:08 AM
    So you think his lawyer is him or what he said he could fix it not to worry since he wasn't sure in the beginning. He's been on probation in n.y. for over a year and on probation in n.j.for a year they gave him 18months probation in n.j. and 5 years probation in n.y.. he don't do drugs neither state has a dirty drug screen from you think even if he has a job and place to live with his kid in n.j.where he really does lives.That n.y.still won't release him to n.j.even if he already talked to the n.j.dept of probation and they said it would be o.k.. they something like n.y. would have to send it to trenton compaq and they would send it to the county he lives in.does that sound right.
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    May 24, 2007, 08:22 AM
    Yo, again Big:

    Again, there is no way to tell you what the outcome will be. There are many, many things that are going to happen. WHEN they happen, each one of them will effect what happens next. Some of those things haven't happened YET, so there's no way to tell what the outcome will be, and something can go wrong at each step in this process.

    Plus, I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THE PROCESS IS. Each state, and each department has its OWN process, and you've got TWO states. AND, in addition to trying to transfer, you've got violations going on that haven't been dealt with.

    Dude, believe me - you ain't going to figure it out, and there ain't nobody who knows the answers - NOT EVEN YOUR LAWYER. However, I don't believe your lawyer is telling you what you think he's telling you.

    Therefore, there are only two things to do, and only two things: 1) Trust your lawyer or hire one you DO TRUST, and 2) TELL HIM EVERYTHING!!


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