I am on misdemeanor probation for driving without license (12 mos) and I've already served 6. The judge said after 6 months and payment of my fine he will consider suspending the remaining probation. In the papers I was given in court BY AN EMPLOYEE OF THE P.OFC. It has checked marks under the stipulations of my probation. The only thing checked was payment of the fine and 10 hours CS. Today I asked my PO about getting off probation because its been 6 months and I've paid my fine and she wanted me to take a drug test. I showed her on my and HER paperwork that it is not a stipulation of my probation. She told me it was and threatened me with revoking my probation if I didn't submit. I told her I would not pass it and I submitted to the test. She was EXTREMELY RUDE. When I say that I mean the meanest jerk A-hole would have wanted to stomp her a%&. She said she was revoking my remaining probation so I left the office. Can she use that test against me since it was not in the stipulations of my probation it violated my 5th amend. Right didn't it?