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    Jan 18, 2007, 12:32 AM
    Probation Officer Holding Me Back?
    I'm having a problem with transferring.
    First off I am unemployed but have a job offering up north in Washington state.
    I live in Texas and I have been turned down by many jobs because of my background status.
    What I have done is a misdemeanor theft of 500 dollars.
    My first offense.
    My problem is I have gathered over 25 applications turned them in have had no return phone calls, called them up and where promised that they would get a manager to call me.
    Ive also talked to the managers and so forth, as far as walking into the establishments and asking around.
    Like I said before my status is getting in the way, and most of the managers told me I failed the criminal background test.
    I mean come on I pawned off a room mate of mines games off because he was holding out on the money while he was unemployed I was supporting his and I had to do something or I would have been on the streets.

    My probation officer has looked over the papers, and he told me that I'm close to getting off probation.
    I almost laughed when I heard this.
    I have 7 months left, that's quite a while.
    He told me transferring can take up to a few months.
    I highly doubt this, and I truly think he thinks I'm stupid.
    I thought it takes somewhere between a few weeks to a month not 6 months.
    I have a place to live up there as well, along with the job offering and its pretty good pay.
    I would rather be somewhere with a stable income then be wasting here for the next few months, I can't even pay my fees off on time, what the hell is this guys deal?
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    Jan 20, 2007, 05:29 PM
    Do your best to get transford. All probation so I've heard is paying fines, drugs screens and, kissens. Wow I feel for you. Makes you want to pay your room mate back doesn't. Just a woman's point of veiw. Though luck, but good luck!
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    Jan 20, 2007, 05:45 PM
    For a interstate transfer yes it can but not always take a few months,
    First the current state has to reivew and approve your transfer, then they have to after they approve it, submit it to the other state for their evaluation and they have to rule if they would accept you or not.
    States that have an interstate agreement can be oked faster than states without an agreement.

    Next if you have only put in 25 applications, I would say you need to put in 10 or so a day if you are really looking for a job.
    Get on or one of the local or regional helpwanted job sites.
    You can turn in 10 to 20 resumes in one night of looking.

    So if your PO will not OK it, you can get an attorney and file an apeal to have it reviewed by the judge, you can request an early discharge of your probation.

    BUT let is not forget whose fault this truly is, if you were not on probation you would be free to move anywhere you want to. So because you did something illegal and got arrested and convicted, you are now being punished, part of that is being on probation which you agreed to, you could have went to jail instead, but probation sounded good at the time.

    And if you are behind on your payments that is one reason not to allow any transfer ( not following rules of probation) and if you are not paid off at the end of the probation times, they can review your case since you have not followed the rules and even extend your time till you pay off the fines.

    So find a job, any job, and go from there, you can complain about it but not much to do about it.

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