My husband is on probation. He had a couple of dirty urines about a month ago and was requested to go into an inpatient rehap for 21 days. No problem. He looked for one right away and had a date to enter. Yesterday his probation officer told him that the probation dept. doesn't accept that place so he needs to find another place. Again no problem. My question is does probation officers have a habit of throwing jail in your face even when you're doing what they want you to do? For example, when he went to see him yesterday my husband thanked him for giving him some time before entering the rehab so he can work some overtime and make sure that me and the kids will be financially okay while he's away. His PO was saying don't thank me yet because you may still go away (meaning jail). My husband asked what he was talking about and that's when he mentioned that the place wasn't being accepted by the prob. dept. My husband said he would find another place and his po said okay but then was saying all this stuff like your family would be messed up if you were in jail etc. Do you think it's possible that maybe that was just his way of reminding my husband what will happen if he doesn't look for another place?