I'm asking for my husband. In late May of this yr, he was set up by a "friend" and charged with Delivery of a controlled substance PG1 (Over 4 and under 200 grams). He was arrested and spent a day and a half in the county jail before I bailed him out, which he is currently on. His lawyer is confident he can get the case dismissed on a number of technicalities (was not read his Miranda rights, the drugs were never on his person and he did not deliver them to anyone-the police took them out of his car etc, etc). That is all irrelavant to my question. He recently lost his job at Exxon/Mobil as an IT desk top support tech. He had an interview with Oncor on Thursday and they offerd him a IT tech position, paying a little more than he was making at Exxon/Mobil. However, the job offer is dependent on him passing a drug screen (which he is taking Mon) and a criminal background check. He has not been convicted/found guilty of anything, only charged at this point. I know there are varying degrees of background checks. I am not sure how extensive/thorough Oncor's will be but can anyone give me an estimated probablility of this charge/arrest showing up on his criminal background check and can they rescind the offer based on a charge and not a conviction? Any and all advice and past experiences are appreciated.