A former neighbor has been charged with stalking. He was never arrested. He was summoned to appear in court and at the arraignment the judge allowed him a continuance. I was told that even if he pleads guilty, that the court will assess a fine (maybe) and send him on his way. I have lived in this community for years and because of the actions of this guy a 7-day notice was put on my door to move because of ongoing disputes with neighbor. In the years that I lived in this community this neighbor and myself have never even exchanged two words between us. I had been repeatedly harassed by this person and have had to call the police several times and also have video of this person throwing urine at my door - twice, but he had been doing this for a month. He was also coming in my home when I was not home. I don't have any video of him inside, but I was able to get video of him throwing his urine at my door. Since there is no law against throwing your waste on someones' property, my question is what other avenue can I take to pursue legal action against this person? I am also out $1500 in attorneys fees for fighting the notice to vacate premises.