Got a question. In Feb. 2009, I got arrested for selling bootleg DVD movies. I was initially charged with criminal simulation. This is my first offense. When I got the court, the judge lowered the charge to a misdemeanor, counterfeit logo. I was given 24 hours community service, a $2000 fine, and 1 year probation. I was told just to call every other week. Unfortunately, in about June 2009, I lost the paper with my probation officer's number on it and I was unable to call her since. My date to go back to court was March 10,2010 but I missed it accidentally. I have completed my community service, but I have been unable to pay off the fine. I have literally been on unemployment for the whole year. I got a paper stating that I have violated my probation for not coming to my court date and showing proof of community service and haven't paid on my fines. What am I looking at when I go to court April 8th?

Also, my warrant states that if I turn myself in before April 7th, then I will be released immediately with no bond. If I turn myself in after April 7th, they have to change my court date and I will have a $7000 bond. Do you think despite this paper saying they will release me immediately, they might try and keep me?