A year and eleven months ago my friend allegedly sold an ounce of marijuana to an undercover cop. Nothing ever came of it until this past week. He was approached by state police at his work, and during the conversation they told him that they would press charges on him unless he helped take down a dealer.
Being almost two years later he has completely changed his life, he now has a 9 month old son, house, stable job, and no longer does drugs nor does he talk to those people. When he told the police that there maybe one person that was still up to his old tricks, but was unable to find a number or where he has moved since. He also told them that the largest amount that he would be able to get ahold of is an ounce. The police told him that he would have to try harder than that, and the smallest amount he would be able to try for is a half pound, and they would then forget about the charges against him.
Thinking back to when something may have been going on. There was no way even then to find an amount like that. All he ever was, was the end user, and would help out a friend here and there. They (the police) have told him that they will file felony charges against him. I have looked at the PA NORML website and following the guide lines all that would be possible to charge him with is two mistermeanor offenses. My question here is: Can the police file charges against him after almost two years, and what felony charges can they file against him?