Known her for 10 yrs, treated like family. Entered her co owned email because of lack of communication and found she had taken a 80K loan (30K fee) using my identity. Fired her immediately. After 3 weeks of crying and realizing she had not paid bills and ruined my credit, I filed a Police Report. That was 3 mo ago, and no DA yet.

3 weeks ago, found out she opened a personal acct (again in my name) at wells and spent 80K. Obvious its her, Wells delaying calling fraud because of course, they will owe me 80K.

I realized filing a criminal court is really PAINFUL for the victim, the onus is on ME. So, she's working full time down the street, and I am in the process of losing my medical clinic. Yes, I'm a great doctor but I trusted her without enough oversight and I feel helpless, betrayed and depressed.

I want to SCREAM from the roof and WARN everyone about her, but the case is not over . I want to tell my patients so they know why I may close. I want to tell the world what happened to me. Why can't I? What do I do? I cant afford a civil suit (but want to do it because the onus is on her). I'm working harder than I ever have to see more patients, but it may not be enough.

Signed, Suckered