On October 18, 2002 I accepted the responsibility for my Military actions against my daughters step father who physically assaulted her.
My daughter was assaulted sexually and physically by her step father during my time in the Army, which ended on October 22, 2002 with an honorable discharge.
I was found not guilty by a Military court martial and sanctioned by UCMJ articles to loss off one pay grade and went from First Sargent to Master Sargent for my actions.
The Superior court of Mercer County sentenced me to probation and terminated my probation at the date of sentence.
I accepted the responsibility for my actions at my court martial and superior court hearing.
My daughters step father bailed out and disappeared in upstate New York along with my daughters’ mother who defended him. I tracked him down in upstate New York and brought him back to stand trial for his actions.
The above briefly detailed matter was against my daughters step father for his assault on her, who was five years old as (07/2001) July 2007.
Court Disposition Date: 10/18/2002
Offense Date: 07/17/2001
Offense: 1 count of : 2c:12-1b*3 assault/

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The following took place on a return from my doctors during my recovery from a Pillion Fracture of my right ankle, when I came home on crutches and found two intruders inside my home robbing it.

I entered my home on crutches and happened upon two armed intruders in my home and defended my sister and daughter who were entering the house after they parked the car. My sister called the police and I was arrested for my assault on the two intruders and they were arrested for breaking and entering as well for a fire arm (illegal).

I accepted the responsibility for my action and received one year probation that was terminated with no fines.

My doctor instructed me to keep all weight off right ankle and could not run or evade the home invaders and was left with one choice as a single parent, PROTECT.

Court Disposition Date: 08/05/2010

Offense: assault

The above are my only two felonies and the second one being less then five years I can't find anytype of work being a resent Commercial School graduate. Companies want experience and I can't even get that due to the second felony and am searching for a company or companies that will hire a hard working person,
If there is anyone that knows of a company that is willing to hire I can even obtain a surity bond for employment,
I spent 19 long months in Iraq as a paramedic and can't find work here only over seas as a Private Military Contractor Medic