I'm a male artist living in Canada, and I'm 20 years old. I have a friend who is 16 who has offered to be a figure model for me (I didn't ask her to be) as I've been trying to develop my skills drawing the human figure. Is it legal for her to model nude?

If it happened, it would be in the privacy of her own home, and I would never publicize the drawings or show them to anyone. Nobody would see her nude except her and I.

Does parental consent play into it? It's possible that her mother would give us permission, as her mother knows me fairly well.

To me it seems like a grey area, where it's not necessarily illegal for a 16-year-old to expose herself to a 20-year-old (as she is past the age of consent and thus it's even legal for a sexual relationship to occur between persons of our respective ages), but it is illegal for pictures/videos to be taken of a nude 16-year-old. Are drawings any different than photos? The context would be non-sexual, as figure drawing is purely for artistic and educational purposes.

We are also both about to have our birthdays within the next few months, so I will be 21 and she will be 17 soon.

Thanks for any insight.