OK so here's the jist of it, I had a hearing may 4th I signed a plea for 6months probation and a fine. The judge said I had until the 7th to call and set up probation which I live 3hrs away from. Being stupid I guess. I smoked on may 6th for the last time and told myself that was it. Im done. I called probation the next day and he said I had to come down and set probation up and do paperwork. He said if I come up hot for pot I'm going to jail. Or on some BS about being in jail until my papers clear for the county I'm in. Im FREAKING THE FREAK OUT! I go for probation 2mrw. June 3rd. That's 28days to the day that I've been clean but I don't think I gave myself enough time to get completely clean. Can they really put me in jail for my VERY FIRST dirty urine upon setting up probation? PLEASE HELP!