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    Jul 15, 2019, 02:46 AM
    Indescent exposure by way of sexual predatorial lure
    Last year my fiance was preyed upon by a co-worker of mine while I was sent to a mental hospital because my mother felt the need to call the coroner because I had a systemic candida infection and I was treating myself with DMSO and she smelled garlic on me and seemed to think I was putting myself and my fiance in danger for using an over the counter wonder product and needed to be forced to he psychologically evaluated by the coroner before I did something terrible either to myself of my fiance.
    After being forced into the police car and harrassed, I was pec'd and cec'd at the same time because I was extremely angry because my brother drov4ban hour and a half out of the way to barge into my home when I already advised him to not come and that he was no welcomed. As a result of the tresspassing, he proceeded as planned and called the Lafayette Parish Coroner's Office in Lafayette Louisiana and had me forced to be medically evaluated bc he walked in on me having a shower in my private backyard because I was illegally laid off for being hurt and was on a 4 week therapy recovery period for a right rib and back muscle sprain/strain.

    Only a couple of days into the mental hospital stay, which lasted 16 days btw, my co-worker , who had previously preyed on my bosses brother-in-law's wife, which wound up to be my bosses sister, had been planning on going aftery sweet sweet Julie. Now mind you, this is my 9th grade 1st love, that I, like an idiot, had screwed up as a 14 yr old and had broken up with the most, and I mean the most prettiest ,smartest, and boy do I say sexiest woman in the existance of existing. Well, this coward proceeded to lure her in by using tattoos as his bait. And do you want to know what he used, he used my poor sweethearts 2 lost babies in a miscarriage as pawns to lure her in to use that to basically make her feel comfortable enough to sending this scum of the earth a picture of her side profile with her lower brah and lower panty showing so he could get her to show him what I. E., 1. What she had under the hood, and 2. to see if she would show him and how much skin she'd show him.
    Ladies and gentleman, this poor excuse for a human being, literally just finished breaking up a newly wed couple prior to this, and they also has just been married and bought a new home.

    So, remember, Im in the hospital, I'm away to not protect her, especially when she and I were from out of town, was all alone, scared, confused, and had noone to talk to about my situation and my job.... This individual is a ex herion addict, and a meth user, you already know their intentions when on is guided by influence that they can you control. This is the most lustful narcotic non the market, let alone, he is already a sexual predator. So, poor thing, she was alone, confused, afraid, and preyed on all awhile I was away in a mental institution. Well, he kept asking her to see the canvas to see what he had to work with to draw up the tattoo, well, out of I guess anger, frustration, and spite, for me, bc I was angry myself and no getting to support I needed at the time from my fiance bc this was my 3rd time my mother did this to me. I was nobso nice over the phone because my mother and brother had got to herbandbsh3 didn't tell me that they were doing this and scaring her and confusing her to the point of making her feel like I was a loss cause and that she should move on.
    Well, this co-worker used this as a tactict to lure her into showing him her side profile for a tatoo in a photo, and the second she sent it, she said to herself. "OMG," WTF DID I JUST DO, "
    UNBEKNOWNST to herself, the very next day, he texted her and said, ";hey I go to something to show you, but I don't think your ready for it, " and I think she said, " what, " and this son of a sends her a mf picture of his PENIS. She replied, " this is the last thing i needed to see right now, what I really needed was a friend I could talk to with what im goin through with my fiance being in the hospital.....
    And supposedly he apologized, and until I got out, they just joked and talked about if I still had a jod or not. So, I gebout of hospital, have a few days home, and bam, right back, but now in my home town this time. So, I spent from 9-26-18 to 10-15-18 in a dam mental hospital.
    This caused so much turmoil bw my fiance and I bc she didn't tell me right away bc she was afaid as to how I was going to take the whole thing. He lied to my face, called me his brother, etc..
    Now it's a year later, and she was supposed to show me all the text messages to prove she did nothing, yet he swore she left me and they were talking and then she up and decided to stay with me, and he said he wouldn't screw my fiance if she was my fiance... Like to say, she left you bro, so, she was not with you at the time, but says nothing happened, but previously said he did her 6 times, and retracted, but did day they were taking.
    She denys all of his accusations, but all of the texts were deleted. She was and still is a Verizon private customer, and he was using a company cell phone, both were iPhones with clouds. She claimed to have called Verizon and apple and can get no text messages unless she gets a court order. She says she is and will finally press charges for sexting and sexual harrassment bc she did not give the inclination of desiring to see his penis, it was strictly for a tattoo. But I'll ONLY know 100% when I see the texts.

    Does anyone have any advice as to how I can get these texts asap, do I call my previous boss, she will fill out a report...

    Please help, it has caused so much pain.


    (Personal information removed per site rules)

    P.m. only bc I'm set to private only.
    God Bless
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    Jul 15, 2019, 12:45 PM
    You're not going to want to hear this but you should have dumped this girl since you can't believe her. Worse you believe HIM over her since you require proof. I think you want to cause trouble for him, and no doubt you will cause them both trouble. If she wanted to complain to the boss she certainly could, but you seem bent on making her do it, but then what? No good comes from making someone go through such trials to prove ones love, but I suppose, if the boss cooperates then you're good to go, BUT what if the boss doesn't cooperate, fires one or both of them, what of you and your girl?

    Just me, I would not be with someone I couldn't believe over someone else, nor be with someone who doesn't believe me over someone else. That wouldn't be a healthy love but a sick obsession and a bunch of drama.
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    Jul 15, 2019, 03:36 PM
    And not going to like to hear this, but you don't stay more than 3 days in mental health, unless there is a real issue.

    And agreed, dump the girlfriend, if you can't believe her over some guy you hate, you have worst issues
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    Jul 16, 2019, 07:01 AM
    Chuck, 3 days as inpatient is not as common as one would think. It really depends on the circumstances. My son recently spent one week in the hospital for a suicide attempt, then 2 months in intensive outpatient therapy.

    To the OP... You are an amazing writer, however, it would help us to help you if you would cut out the extraneous details. What exactly are you asking? Make it short and sweet.

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