My ex was drunk and he called the cops at 1am stating I came over his house and punched him. At 3:30 am he called them back saying that I cut him with a knife. I have an alibi for these times. I also live over an hour away with 2 children. The officer who went out did not fully believe him and when I woke up the next morning I had a voicemail so I called the officer back and he explained the situation stating he did not believe my ex. He asked me and my alibi to come to the station and file my written statement, which we did. We now have the arraignment to go to this Thursday and I would like to know what to expect. Please keep in mind my ex has a LENGTHY criminal history and is an alcoholic and drug abuser (marijuana and pain killers/muscle relaxers) who on the day he called the police on me was looking through his brothers Facebook to my profile and became enraged when seeing pics of me with my new love... then texting and harassing me all day because he "ran into" someone who told him I was cheating for all of our relationship.