My fiancˇ was arrested last night by local police on what they called an escape charge. He was on parole from a 2009 domestic assault charge (which was listed as a misdemeanor). He never left the state or tried to flee but I do believe that he didn't inform them when he moved in with me a few months ago. I'm pretty sure he had been close to completing his parole but for whatever reason he stopped meeting with his P.O. And or didn't meet all of his requirements. I'm not sure but I think he is also going to be charged with a violation of parole. He was arrested Friday night and does not have a court date until Monday. The bail bondsman I called to help get him released told me that his right to obtain bail had been revoked. I'm very confused about all this, will he have additional charges brought on him, what exactly does the escape part mean? What should I expect when I go to court for him on Monday? Will they make him serve more time?