I Know I Have Made Quite A Few Posts On Here An Im Sorry Im Just So Worried I Hope Some One That Truly Knows What They Are Talking About Can Answer My Question Soon . I Got A Owi While On Probation My Po Said She Wasn't Violating Me As Long As I Went To Classes An I Didn't Get Arrested Again An I Did Finish My Classes I Didn't Get Arrested Again I Plead Quiltey To The Owi An Did Four Days In Jail I Went In On 10 -2 -06 An I Got Out On 10-6-06 An Im Wondering If She's Lying To Me About Not Violating Me Would The Violation Have Been Filed Why I Was In Jail An I Would Have Been On Hold Or Dose It Take Longer Then Four Days To Violate Some One An Get A Warrant ? Cause I Was Thinking It Takes Two Weeks To Violate Some One An From The 2 Till The 16th Is Two Weeks An I See My Po On The 18th .