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    Oct 26, 2006, 01:31 PM
    How long before I can get violated
    I am on probabtion for about 6 more months, but I received a DWI in June and was found guilty in July. At the time my PO said she wouldn't violate me. Now she came to me yesterday and said she was going to violate me, isn't there like 48 hrs or something after I get convicted that she has to violate me or can she violate me at anytime she thinks that she wants.

    Please help.
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    Oct 26, 2006, 01:42 PM
    Although you can be violated at any time while on probation, I wonder why it took them so long to do it? I am sure the judge will wonder that too. If your probation officer decided not to violate you in the first place, it sounds as if his/her boss (judge) told them too.
    Will you be on another probation period for the second DUI? By the same officer?
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    Nov 1, 2006, 01:00 AM
    I'm in Indiana I'm on probation an I got put on in October 2005 for a year in a half in may 2006 I got a owi went to jail a day got bounded out I had seven monthes left on probation I called my probation officer withen 72 houers an told her I got the owi my probation officer spoke to her boss an she said I wasn't going to be violated as long as I went to drug an alcohole classes an didn't get arrested again I went to drug an alcohole classes finished them an gave clean urien an I plead quiltey to the owi in October 2006 an did four days in jail an got out an went to my next apointment October I can't remember an my next apointment is November 13th I'm scared my probation officers lying to me about not violating me an I will be arrested on noveber 13th because its been four weeks sense I plead quiltey to the owi an no warrant an but the 13th is six weeks an I read some where online it can take two to six weeks for a warrant. I'm worried my probation officer is lying to me because because some where online I read if you are convicted of another charge while on probation they wait till after you are convicted of the new charge to violate you so maybe she lied to me so I didn't run . So maybe its she was just waiting till after you got convicted to violate you well they rules that therey out because you said you got the owi in June an you was convicted in July an its now October so did you violate in another way ? I mean that's the onley reason I see her violating you now because if you was going to be violated you would have been violated after the arrest or quiltey plea quiltey plea but she said she wasn't going to violate you so there has to be a reason why youer getting violated now in October .

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