I have been charged with contributeing to the deliquency of a minor and unlawful sexual conduct of a minor yesterday night. I haven't been to court yet. She told me that she was 15 and I am 18.When I was arrested I had found out that she was 13 years old. I have read in a fourm that if you are within 4 years of age for it to be droped to a misdemanor. With her telling me that she was 15 is it possible to get it lowered from a felony. It is also the first thing that I am ever charged with. I had a perfectly clean record before this innociden and I still currently in high school.The second thing I was charged with is the deliquency of a minor. The police told me that that was a felony but a paper that the erie couminity jail states that it is a misdemanor in the 1st degree. She is also a ward of the state. Is there anything I can do to get it lowered before I get setenced. The contributeing to a minor is beating tried under family court and the charge 2907.04 is beaing tried in criminal court