I am looking for my son, who thought he was off parol & celebrated by drinking. He called the police & they put he & his gal pal in Redding, California Jail. I live near Philly in PA.
Want to write him a letter, if I could only find him? His name is Michael Anthony Thomson
41 years old, born May 18th 1966. He has had Cancer & servied, but I am not sure he can live through being in Prison again all for drinking. Before it was drunk driving with out a license, now it is trying to leave a control freak gal pal. He only drove from one parking lot to the other. His name is NOT Hilton, & I am retired on Social Security so need any help I can get, will be greatly appreciated.
Thank you kindly
Betty (Thomson)Byrns
His father is dead due to a massive heart attack.