I just found out today about a warrant for the arrest of my husband because he was driving while prohibited. I guess he lost his licence due to an over refusing to do the breathalizer test. Four times since Jan he has been caught apparentlh and I didn't know. He also owes for child support and was sent a letter to suspend his licence because he is in arrears. Yes something else I didn't know. We have been married since July 2008.

I found out he has various charges dating back to 1998, and possibly before that. Two for assault of which he was found guilty. We have our ups and downs but nothing I thought would come up like this.

I haven't questioned him about this yet, but I was somewhat suspicious of what he told me about his daughter dying in a ditch at 2 yrs old, but his ex who also has a younger child with him says the child was taken from him and the woman before her by CPS, but didn't know all the circumstances behind it. He has also told me and a few of his friends that he had a vasectomy and that his youngest child isn't his, but he won't go do a DNA test so apparently a child support order still went through.

I just can't believe I didn't know about all of this and we have been married 3 yrs now. How can someone keep such a horrible past so secret.