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    Jul 29, 2018, 06:56 AM
    Need help with lost cash belonging to a business
    This question is for the state of Texas. I work for a rv park owned by a private individual. Everything done at the park is dealing in cash only, my salary and the rent tenant's pay. My boss pays me under the table, and I'm aware of the issues that can result as of that. Recently I collected a large amount of rent from tenants while the owner was on vacation. Normal procedure here is I collect money and at some point he comes to pick it up . He likes to keep cash on him instead of putting it into a bank acct. Anyway while he was out of state on vacation I lost the envelope containing the rent collected which comes out to almost 3,000.00 I can't afford to replace it as he only pays me very little. I recently as in a week ago got a real job and was planning on quitting the rv park mgr one. I don't want him to try to accuse me of stealing the cash. I just want to somehow make payment arraignment's and sstill quit my question is how can I do this without worry of him accusing me of theft and me being able to work the new job.

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