I am new to this site, and saw all the questions and answers, and felt as though it could possibly help me some. So any input anyone has is greatly appreciated.

My question is at the end of February I was arrested on a misdemeanor charge of criminal trespassing. I went to court on April 13th and found out it had been moved to the D.A.s office because it had been up'ed to a felony, but the initial charge was a misdemeanor and was under 500.00 then all of a sudden it was up'ed. I went to my arriagnment back in August and pleaded not guilty. I did not do what I was accused of and am truly innocent.

I have a public defender who isn't much help but he says he can more than likely get it dropped back down to a felony, but I'm not sure whether to believe him or not. I went to calendar call on October 2nd and he gave me a discovery packet the woman who filed the charges and her witnesses lied through their teeth on me and right now the whole situation I am very upset very dstraught. I am bipolar and suffer from anxiety and manic depression. My trial date is set for October 20th, but if I want to change my plea it will have to be put it on October 16th.

For criminal trespassing, and never being in trouble before a day in my life. I have a clean back ground, and have never had any legal issues before what I want to know is am I looking at jail time, or with it being my 1st offense will it be dropped to a misdemeanor and am I just looking at a fine, and probabtion? My public defender says it doesn't need to go to trial and that it is really a low priority case he also says I worry too much and make things out in my head that are worse than they really are. Well that may be true but I think if it was him he would be just as worried, and scared to death as I am.