Hello, I am enrolled in an ASAP program in Virginia. I had to take a urine alcohol/drug test today at 1:00pm. I drank two 24oz. Icehouses last night about 9:00pm. Before that I have not had anything to drink for at least 6 days. This morning a drank a bunch of water and took a daily vitamin. I pissed about 3 times before I left the house at about 9:30am. Then I went and bought some vitamin B-12(2000mc) and took one of those. Then bought a green tea and drank that followed by a Monster Energy drink with ginseng and taurine. I urinated about 3 more times . Then had lunch at a fast food place w/ about 24oz. Of sweet tea. My question is will I pass the urine alcohol test. Even if its an ETG/ETS test?