I have motioned for early termination 4-5 times. MY PO has motioned for my termination. I get denied every time. She got denied. I am 100% compliant and have never missed a meeting or court hearing. I have completed every requirement. I am current on fees. The court has sent me to 8 evaluators. Every single time they have asked "why did the court send you to me"? Most counseling programs have graduated me on the first day. One or two others I completed, but I was far more informative to the counselor than them to me. Evey single person I have met has expressed their opinion that I did not commit the crime that I was forced to admit to to get out of jail. I did not commit the crime. Even the so-called victim knows I did not commit the crime. I did not commit the crime. It was the farthest thing from my mind. All the denial say "no good cause appearing". What is a good cause? I am totally rehabilitated because I was never unhabilitated in the first place. Does the court want me to pay them some up front money. I am 70 and do not want to pay them another cent. I would pay a lawyer who can assure me I will get terminated. I have had no success getting a lawyer because I am not under any real pressure. The probation has affected my life very little. I want to move to Mexico for awhile.