I have served 3 years and 3 months of my 5-year probation term. I have completed my community service hours and have paid restitution in full. This was my only offense (PC 487 (a) grand theft of property over $400) which by the way is a non-violent crime. I have no arrests or any negative contact with the law enforcement. I have no violation and have maintained my monthly reporting to the probation officer. I am only required to report by phone once a month. My case was transferred to this probation officer 5 months ago. I requested for an early release but she dismissed it right away. She said she would not allow it and that I will just have to finish the remaining term of my probation.
My husband is in the military and me and my son could not join him to his place of assignment because I'm still on probation. He drives for 8 hours weekly just so he could see us. I also want to get a decent job so I could help my husband pay off the loan we took to pay off restitution. Also, we wanted to be able to see our parents overseas whom we have not seen for more than six years now. My previous probation officer was sympathetic to my case and she told me to just go straight to court.
Is it up to the judge to grant an early release? What should I do now that the probation officer does not want to give her approval. I have not met my new probation officer, just talked to her once to request probation termination. Do I have a shot in getting it approved? Thank you very much.