My 18-year-old made a very stupid decision when she took 2 cheques from her room mate that were already endorsed by him and filled in with an amount, but the pay to was blank. She filled in her name and deposited them in her bank account to get back at him for being so nasty to her. She clearly was not thinking that this was so wrong. She did not spend any of the money and 14 days later both checks were returned to her room mates account. He had already reported them stolen. A month later she gets a call from a detective who tells her she has to come in for questioning about a criminal investigation.

We accompanied her to the police station were she made a full admission of what she did and why. The detective who clearly could see that this was a very stupid error in judgement on her part and that she was completely out of character for her, was going to recommend no charges be laid if her room mate was considering pressing charges.

Thankfully her room mate did not wish to press charges, as it really was a stupid thing for her to do and he had all his money back, and they had been friends all through school, etc.

So, she was not charged with any crime and no further action was taken.

My question is this, many jobs she may want to apply for require the employee to be bondable. Would she be answering honestly if she said yes. The detective did mention that it would come in a police check, but did not exactly go into detail as to what that might mean. And, if it does prevent her from being bondable is there anyway to have this removed, as she was not arrested or charged with any crime.