My son-in-law is on parole and has a Parole Officer who I am sure has violated several of his rights, he has chronic pain due to nerve damage that he suffered after an operation last year and his parole officer has made his doctors crazy and she added new rules to his parole that says unless he has medication prescribed by a physician he can't take any pain meds, and now his parole officer is telling him that if his UA'S come back with any pain relievers or anything else she will revocate him and/or lock him up for 45 days, my son-in-law and my daughter also have a 8 month old son who has major medical problems and is at home on a trach and oxygen and feeding tube and has a heart condition and will require open heart surgery in the next few months, and this po keeps threatening him with cps due to their son requiring 2 caregivers if he gets locked up again --*** help