My question involves criminal law for the state of: Wisconsin

I am 19 and currently in probation for many bad choice I made when I was in High School. I am current put in probation for 2 years and I have to pay $3000 within my probation period. I currently live in Wausau Wisconsin and over here I CANNOT find a job that would hired me. I recently got a job interview at Ashley Furniture but it is located in Lacrosse but my probation officer will not let me move unless I pay at least $500. Right now she encourage me to go to the interview but I cannot move unless I pay $500 and as of right now I can't find a job anywhere and my interview is in a couple days. I am living with my biological father at the moment and if I do move and get the job then I'll be living with my biological mother and I will be supporting them if I can move. I would like help here on how can I move from Wausau to Lacrosse because of work problems and I need to know right away what I could do. I am very poor to afford $500 right now so I can't do much.

Overall I have no money to pay $500 to move to lacrosse and I have a job interview there but my probation officer will not let me move to work unless I pay $500. I am really trying to turn over a new leaf and I have quit all drugs and been tutoring my little brother on his schoolwork and it seem my probation officer doesn't care.

Another suggestion my biological father suggest that is that I go to my interview, get the job, then write a letter to my lawyer or judge in charge about me moving without paying the $500 but require to pay the fines with most of the paycheck I get if I land the job.

PLEASE HELP, I AM VERY DESPERATE TO CHANGE MY LIFE BUT SOME PEOPLE JUST DON'T WANT TO HELP. I HOPE YOU ALL CAN UNDERSTAND. I would really appreciate that you guys don't flame me but just suggest to me what I could do.