I cashed a check for a friend through my bank account. Both checks came back nsf and overdrafted my accounts. This happened in the middle of August this year and he still hasn't made any effort to repay me. When it happened I asked him about it and found out he had stolen checks but he swore that these were legitimate checks. The checks were company checks though not personal. He admitted that he said hed pay me back but also told me that when this happened he was lying to people and addicted to drugs. When I confronted him and said that if he didn't start repaying me I would take him to court he told me that the checks were my problem because I cashed them, even though he gave them to me to cash. He also said that I can't do anything because whoever he stole the checks from (I never found out exactly what happened with that) didn't press charges so there's no crime. It also looks like his hand writing on the checks. Can I sue him for giving me the bad checks to cash? My damage all together ended up being $400