In 1995 I was pulled over and did not have registration on my car. I paid all my fines and handled the issue, so I thought. In 1996 I moved to Az where I lived until 2000. I had a valid drivers license in AZ and never had any problems. I moved back to Pa in 2000 and went to get my Pa drivers license back and they told me I have a 3 month suspension since 1995. I did not renew my license. In 2001 I got a DUI and was inlisted in the ARD program. I went through all the classes and paid all the fines. My problem is that they want to suspend my license for the 3 months and either put a interlock in my car for a year or have my license suspended for a year. That means I will have a suspension for 15 months. I have done nothing since 2001. I do not drive but now want to be able to but do not want to go through the suspension. Is there anything I can do since it has been 5 years since DUI and 11 years since first suspension? The DMV said I have to go through the suspension in order to reinstate my license. Since I have not had a license for 5 years is there anyway I can get 'time served' to get my license back?