I worked "under the table" for my boss who owns a separate company. She refused to put me on payroll because she didn't think it was right having her catering business pay for her eBay selling since she didn't get taxes taken out. We never sorted through that situation before all this crap broke out but I never filled out any tax information. I sold things for her online, at $8 an hour, on Ebay in the shop in the basement, while doing things around her shop like deliveries and going to the post office and working at auctions (catering), and making orders like sandwiches, etc. Now, she's pissed off because she feels like she shouldn't have gotten so many eBay fees when she knew ahead of time what I was putting on like the prices, etc, BEFORE I put them up and now she's pissed off because she got so many fees. Plus she says that she knows NOTHING about eBay and expected me to know EVERYTHING and advise her of every choice I was making - She hired me for the purpose of Ebay and prior employees who were hired for the same thing ended up stealing and doing illegal activity - she fired them and pressed charges. She now says I am responsible for this problem and therefore, she feels I need to pay her back. I clocked in and out with a time sheet which she has calculated, I now OWE HER another $165. The bill was a little over $700 and she said she'd consider paying half. She says she has talked to her lawyer and that she can press charges on me. She refuses to give me the last two checks and now I'm screwed out of over $400... HELP! Is this illegal? I am devastated because I have child support due and Christmas, etc... needless to say, she refuses to pay me and I've pretty much quit due to the emotional stress of the job. She screams at me constantly and puts me down and humiliates me in front of other employees. I kept copies of all transactions and emails written between my boss and myself, including one that says about how I am fed up with the way she humiliates me, etc, and whether she still wanted me to work there, etc, because I was tired of the way she was always accusing me of screwing up, etc... which I wasn't... she just knows NOTHING about eBay and therefore considers me to be an expert... So, tell me, DOES she have LEGAL RIGHT to hold my check to "pay back" the debt she says I owe her? HELP!