Hi, everyone:

This is my first post to this site.

My close friend has a criminal past and has been in jail many times for various things. He is a former drug addict and has been clean and crime-less for over 5 years.

Recently, he received a moving violation ticket in Yolo County. Through the process of paying off this ticket, they apparently re-activated a warrant for a drug-related charge in that county that was originally issued 10+ years ago. I'm not sure of the exact charge at the moment, but he was with someone who was carrying drug paraphernalia.

He wants to do the right thing, but (obviously) doesn't want to serve time, if possible. Right now, he's just waiting for the other shoe to drop and wants to take any possible action on his own behalf.

I was thinking it's probably best if he "makes the first move", rather than waiting for someone to come and find him and all the related consequences.

Also, is there any sort of criminal advocacy (similar, perhaps, to the Family Law Advocate in our county of Solano) where people can go and do this kind of research?

He also doesn't have much money, though he is employed, so an expensive lawyer is out of the question, probably.

Thank you so much for any help you can offer, and sorry if I messed up any protocol...