I am being charged with felonious assault with a motor vehicle. I have been trying to find the exact definition for this charge in Michigan and can not find anything. I was taken to jail after my brother inlaw broke into my moms house assaulted her and me and kidnapped my kids. He did this because it was retribution because I left his brother, my husband the night before because he was drunk and became abusive. When he took them and finally had gotten them in the car I followed in my car. Long story short I blocked them (husband, brother in law and great aunt inlaw), into a driveway and was waiting for the police. The police come, an officer talked to me for about 3 minutes but cut me off 2 times and was in general being a jerk. My brother in law told this officer that I hit him with my car, which I did not and both of the people with him told the officer that I did not hit him and I still went to jail. The police did not go to my mother's to take her statement of the home invasion and assault. She is dealing with that. I am so confused about this. I did not hit him and he had no marks for the officer to even be able to assume that I could have. The officer did not take a real statement from me. I am going to fight this charge and I will win, because I did nothing, but follow someone that took my kids that is a drug addict that is bipolar and was involved in the incident the night before. I would just like to find the definition to this charge for Michigan. Thank you for any links or information.