My boyfriend was into about 6 months of felony probation and his P.O. was really pleased with how he was doing, he then was pulled over for going 5 mph over the speed limit... and they searched him and his car because he told them he was on probation. So he had his friend with him and they searched both of them found a serenity pipe 'the legal' herb they sell in smoke shops on him and less than 20 grams of weed which he had just bought off his friend. His friend though left his own 'pipe'
(which maryj was used in it) underneath the passenger seat and they let him leave after they only searched and then arrested my boyfriend like idiots before they searched the car. So then they asked him about that and he said it wasn't his it was his friends which was the truth but of course they didn't want to look like they F****** up so they chraged him with another charge of equipment something or other. So he was bailed out for two weeks and he violated probation so he turned himself in the next morning after the warrant was released. Does anyone know what will happen?