I was shopping at a local store when I put my child in a display stroller. She started to act up , making me frustrated so I paid for my items, forgetting about the stroller and left the store. Once I got up to my car and started to put my items away, I realized I took the stroller! My mom was on her way out and the security guard came up to me, while my kids were there, and said I was under arrest. I tried to tell him it was a complete accident but he was ignorant towards me, making me mad and I still had a child there kicking and screaming. Mom came to the car to watch the kids and I went back to the store with him. I couldn't apologize enough and he said the cops were on their way. After waiting for a half hour, I asked when the cops were coming because I wanted to tell them what happened. The cop charged me right away and now I have to go to court. I never ever got in trouble in my life,I have a clean record and I don't want that to be ruined. I'm a Criminology graduate for godsake!! What do I do?