Im 17 and about a year ago I was working at Sheetz, the convience store. I was having money problems at the time and car problems. Another employee asked me if I wanted to make some extra money. I was excited and said yes. A couple days later he explained it to me how it worked. Basically when a customer came to buy something you rang it up, then voided it off. Making it seem as if there was no sale at all. Then you gave the customer the product and stuck the money in the register. Later on the other employee would come buy something and I would give him all the "extra" money that I had gotten with his change. This went on for about a month I suppose and I ended up with around 400 dollars. They caught him and he told on everyone else. I told them exactly what happened and how and everything and I asked if there would be any legal action taken. They said no. Now a year later I get a call from a state trooper or something saying that action was taken and Im being charged with theft and that I might be put on probation. This is my first charge of this type. What can I expect to happen from this?? Thanks so much