My daughter's offender just served 3 years in prison for what he did to her. He was released in October 2005 and his 'level' has yet to be classified as a 1, 2, or 3. I contacted the D.A. in early December at the advice of the NYS Sex Offender Registry and was told that all arguments have been made and the judge just has to make his decision. Well, its now 1/17/06 (over 3 months later) and the judge is still pondering. My child has an active order of protection until 2012. I feel we have a right to know where he is and that he blew all his rights when he put his hands on my child. Apparently he seems to have more rights then my child does at this point. I'm unable to reach the judge via telephone & still waiting on return calls from the D.A. Is there anyone else I can contact to get this ball rolling before he abuses another child? He is not listed on the NYS registry.
Thank you for any help!